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Sept. 27: Getting Unstuck with Dr. Decoteau J. Irby


Wednesday, September 27

Author and educator Dr. Decoteau J. Irby’s workshop will provide an overview into the dynamic process of working to achieve racial equity in schools. First, a one-hour keynote introduces the resources that are essential to achieving school-based racial equity. The introduction draws insights from his book Stuck Improving: Racial Equity and School Leadership, which offers an in-depth accounting of school-improvement practices and inquiry-based leadership strategies that create the conditions for educators to deliver Black and Brown school-aged students affirming school experiences and improved learning outcomes. Following a one-hour presentation, participants will apply the content in an interactive process of thinking about their own school’s capacity for racial equity improvement. Specifically, participants will take a deeper dive into the racial equity resources Dr. Irby identified in his research and examine what educators and community members must do to cultivate and leverage these resources for the purposes of improvement.


      At the end of the presentation, participants will understand:
  • What it means to have the capacity for racial equity improvement
  • The role leadership and professional learning plays in strengthening a school’s capacity for racial equity improvement