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Sept. 29: History of Diverse Learning in Schools with Kurt A. Schneider, Ph.D.


Friday, September 29 

Our role in education is to prepare our students for success after their years in the educational system. The question arises what are the skills needed today to prepare them for their future? How do we foster those skills for all students in our educational community? Dr. Kurt Schneider will facilitate reflection on the history of American Schooling for all learners. Research will be provided to analyze how to evolve our classrooms and communities to embrace all students and improve the outcomes for all learners.

Participants Will:

  • analyze the history of American schooling for all learners and how it impacts current school practices and outcomes of students including those who have been traditionally marginalized as a result;
  • evaluate current and future service delivery models that are linked to raising the achievement for all learners, including strategies for increasing the achievement for advanced learners and closing learning gaps for other students;
  • analyze research on educational practices and federal and state policies that promote student growth;
  • analyze local, state, and national equity data related to achievement across content areas;
  • identify funding and policy that needs to improve schools for all learners;
  • apply learning to the creation of a school/ district action plan to address goals and objectives related to improving education outcomes for all students.

Who Should Attend: This session is geared toward administrators, and general education teachers in combination with special education teachers and support staff.