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Safety and Security

Keeping our students, staff, and community safe at all times is a top priority at TrueNorth.

Sharing key information about safety measures and protocols in the event of an emergency with our families is part of our comprehensive safety plan.

Common Language for Emergencies

TrueNorth uses a list of common terminology to describe various emergency situations that may occur in our school buildings. This list has been developed in collaboration with local law enforcement. The terminology is used when providing updates to parents/guardians, staff, and students during an emergency situation. Please note that in the event of an active shooter in the school, the district will use the phrase "Active Threat" rather than "Lockdown" to describe the situation. 

Contact Information

Demetrius Hall

Demetrius Hall
Safety & Security Coordinator

With more than 14 years of experience in school safety and security, Mr. Hall's role includes creating and implementing safety plans, policies, and procedures for the organization. Additionally, our safety team coordinates with external agencies and stakeholders to ensure the safety and security of the students, staff, and facilities.

Emergency School Cancellation Procedures

Safe 2 Help Illinois

Safety Tips in an Emergency Situation

In the event of an emergency situation, we have outlined information below so families know what to do and what not to do to help keep students and staff safe.

Stay Calm and Stay Alert Icon

Stay Calm and Stay Alert

In the event of a school emergency, please remain calm and know that school staff, district personnel and law enforcement are working together to keep your child safe. Staff training for emergency situations and drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure everyone is aware of the safety protocols and guidelines. TrueNorth 804 fully understands the importance of communication with families during an emergency and is committed to provide ongoing updates throughout the situation. Please rely on information directly from TrueNorth 804 rather than other sources that may contain misinformation and rumor.

Based on the situation, TrueNorth 804 may provide information via text, emails and phone calls. In addition, we know that during a school emergency many of our students will call and/or text their parents/guardians. If this occurs, we ask that you stay calm and reassuring. Encourage your student to follow the directions of school staff. 

In an emergency, stay away from the school

Stay Away from the School

We understand a parent or guardian’s desire to go to the school and the need to see your child during an emergency situation. However, arriving at the scene before it is secure can interfere with the emergency response team and potentially put you and your child in danger. Past school emergencies have shown that one of the greatest challenges is how to manage the number of parents and concerned citizens rushing to the scene. By rushing to the school, parents can unintentionally create traffic jams that may block emergency responders from assisting those in need. Families should not come to pick up their child unless given the direction to do so from TrueNorth 804.




In an emergency, keep phone lines open

Keep Phone Lines Open

We ask that families do not call the school during an emergency. When parents or guardians call, that ties up phone lines that need to stay open for communication with emergency personnel and school officials. It also helps school staff to remain focused on the safety of students. The school/district will communicate any information with you as soon as possible via emails, phone calls and text messages.

Additionally, the police department will be leading the efforts to keep everyone safe during a school emergency and the 911 dispatch line must remain open for any other emergencies that could occur in the community. We request that families refrain from calling the police department or 911 directly. 

Prior to an emergency, update your contact information

Check Your TeacherEase Settings

Please check your settings in TeacherEase to make sure your contact information and details about individuals listed as an authorized pick-up person for your child are up-to-date for receiving emergency notifications. If you find that there is outdated or incorrect information on TeacherEase, please log in at to check the information on file and make updates, or call the school office to update and verify your information.

In an emergency, be prepared with photo ID to pick up your child

Be Prepared With Your Photo ID

In the event of a school evacuation, TrueNorth 804 will follow a standard reunification plan to reunite students with their families. The district will communicate the reunification site information and other details to families. During a reunification, families and/or individuals listed as an authorized person to pick up your child should do the following:

  • Bring valid form of identification (ID)
  • Follow signage and parking directions of the reunification location
  • Complete the reunification form provided at the reunification site
  • Provide school personnel at the check-in area with a valid form of photo ID and the completed reunification form
  • Wait patiently as a TrueNorth 804 staff member retrieves and escorts your student to you 

Please note that only approved adults with valid photo identification will be allowed to pick up students from the reunification location.