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Speech and Language Pathology SLP

Speech and Language Therapy is a TrueNorth service designed to meet the needs of students across a variety of educational settings, such as the playground, lunchroom, general education classrooms, etc. TrueNorth Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with students directly and/or support teachers, teams, districts, and families to prevent or address a variety of communication disorders that may adversely impact the academic performance of students, including articulation, language comprehension, language expression, voice, pragmatic language, fluency, and social communication skills.

The focus of TrueNorth SLP services is to promote inclusive services that support students in the least restrictive environment. SLPs may support districts by:

  • Completing Student Evaluations
  • Diagnosing communication deficits and language-based disorders
  • Providing specific, practical, and evidence-based strategies to prevent or remediate communication-based concerns
  • Providing case management services
  • Providing team/classroom collaboration to design a communication-rich learning environment to support all learners
  • Providing Clinical Fellowship Supervision for new SLPs
  • Providing SLP services to cover professional leaves for SLPs in member districts