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Integrated-Assistive Technology Services

The Integrated-Assistive Technology Services Department at TrueNorth is committed to ensuring all students have access to the technologies they need to be successful learners and that every educator has the tools needed to provide students with high quality instruction.

TrueNorth’s Integrated-Assistive Technology Services include professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in child development, curriculum and instruction, and technology. We use this combined expertise to promote the most up to date, research-based tools and supports.

We also work side by side with educators and families to identify appropriate technologies and strategies to support successful implementation of tools. The Integrated-Assistive Technology Services at TrueNorth continuously monitors trends in technology, navigates new technologies that emerge, and evaluates the appropriateness and effectiveness of these tools.

The Integrated-Assistive Technology Services' model has continuously evolved as we strive toward stronger partnerships and meeting the needs of our member districts. We recognize the changing nature of school-based technology support and provide a broad array of services to support this complex landscape.

Contact Us

Carol M. Michels, Ed.D., MS, OTR/L
Director of District Services

TrueNorth 804
760 Red Oak Lane
Highland Park, IL  60035

Integrated-Assistive Technology Support Options:

Assistive Technology

  • Continued support for intensive needs assessment and implementation
  • Student-specific services ranging from assessment to consultation to one-time problem-solving visits
  • Support to remove barriers and facilitate participation for all students

Inclusive Technology Support

  • Mentoring support for district internal technology staff
  • Data and trial review for district-led technology assessments
  • Classroom design around Universal Design for Learning principles
  • Partnering with district Instructional Coaches for technology inclusion
  • Review of outside provider reports and IEP support

Technology Coaching 

  • Coaching cycles around member district technology initiatives
  • Individual or group coaching
  • Targeted PD linked to coaching initiatives

Technology Resources 

  • Extensive equipment lending library
  • Training on equipment, apps, and software
  • Extensive PD around technology use and inclusion of evidence based practice strategies in instruction

Is your school team wondering if they need a consultation or an evaluation from TrueNorth’s Integrated-Assistive Technology (I-AT) Support Services Team? If your team is wondering what potential AT supports may be beneficial for a student, an evaluation is likely a better option. During an evaluation, our I-AT team works directly with the student, staff and family to identify tasks, barriers and possible AT tools and/or strategies.

If your team has determined your student’s performance concerns and/or is familiar with what potential AT supports may be beneficial for your student, then you may benefit from a consultation. In a consultation, our I-AT team supports the teacher/educational team in exploring possible AT tools and/or strategies and guiding the team in collecting data to help determine if the support(s) offer educational benefit to the student.

To initiate a referral for either an evaluation or a consult, please complete the TrueNorth Assistive Technology Support Request Form on this page.