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Division of Rehabilitation Services DRS

The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is an adult vocational rehabilitation agency that falls under the umbrella of Illinois Department of Human Services. The purpose of DRS is to help individuals with disabilities obtain and maintain competitive employment.  DRS counselors provide evaluation, vocational guidance and counseling, job development/placement and follow-up services to eligible individuals. DRS collaborates with many community partners to offer a wide range of coordinated services.

DRS offers services to individuals with disabilities during their high school or transition years through the Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP). Students are referred to the STEP program by a member of their high school or transition team. Access and management of STEP cases is overseen by Terri Michaels, DRS/TrueNorth Transition Specialist, for TrueNorth students and TrueNorth member district students.

Contact Us

Terri Michaels
DRS/TrueNorth Transition Specialist
847-831-5100, ext. 2331

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