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Community Resource and Future Planning Hub

Welcome to TrueNorth's Virtual Transition Resource Center! This section houses information and resources related to community linkages and future planning. Please select the topic you are interested in, and you will be directed to more information. 

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Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Need help? We're here for you! Please reach out to any one of our Transition staff listed below. 

Lynn Clarke
Director of Instruction EC-T (847) 831-5100 ext. 2128
Sabrina Beaudry
Transition Learning Coordinator
(847) 831-5100 ext. 3448
Katie Trier
Transition Learning Coordinator
(847) 831-5100 ext.
Stephen Donart
NSA Transition Counselor
(847)831-0603 ext. 1005
Amy Engstrom
Transition Specialist
(847)831-5100 ext. 2196


Kate Locke
Transition Specialist
(847) 831-5100 ext. 7313

Terri Michaels
DRS Transition Specialist
(847) 831-5100 ext. 2331

Sandy Morse
Vocational Coordinator
(847) 831-5100 ext. 2167

Pam Palmersheim
Vocational Coordinator
(847)831-5100 ext. 2132

Erica Paulsen
Transition Specialist