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Middle & High School Therapeutic Services

Our Staff

NSA’s talented clinical staff has a long history of helping students and families address student’s complex learning and emotional needs. Our therapists, who are licensed and certified school social workers and master’s and doctoral level psychologists, average 16 years of experience working with students in therapeutic settings and bring a range of skills to every child and family. They work equally well with students who present with anxiety and mood disorders, problems with attention or oppositional behaviors, or students on the autism spectrum. The goal of our therapeutic services is to partner effectively with students and families to identify and develop the skills necessary to be successful at school, at home and in the community.

Our Services

Our clinicians have small caseloads (9-12 students) and provide individual and group therapy to all students and family therapy for those families who are interested in more intensive supports. Most importantly, they are available to support students when they need support the most – when they are overwhelmed and struggling to problem solve a situation effectively. By supporting students in their most vulnerable moments, we are able to better recognize how and why a student struggles and identify coping strategies that are necessary to address these problems more effectively in the future. Group therapy, twice a week, allows students to help each other navigate the challenges of school and give feedback to support more effective responses to school, family, and social stresses.


As with all clinical services, our therapist maintain confidential relationships with the student and family unless it is determined that a student or family member is at imminent risk of harming themselves or others or in the case of suspected abuse or court order. Therapists work with students and parents to ensure that everyone is clear about the expectations and limits of privileged information.

Case Management

The therapists are often the point person for communication with parents and they act as case manager for student IEP’s. Most importantly, the therapist is responsible to facilitate a successful partnership between home and school so please do not hesitate to contact your child’s therapist with any ideas or concerns.