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High School Academics

Our Teachers

NSA’s classroom teachers are certified special educators with an average of over 14 years of experience working with students in therapeutic settings. Teacher assistants at NSA come from a variety of backgrounds and are hired for their ability to effectively support instruction and therapeutic plans. We consider the learning needs of students on highly individual basis providing differentiated and multimodal instruction to our diverse community of learners. While academic achievement is essential to student progress, we also help master the coping skills necessary be successful in their home school and in the community.


The curriculum at NSA is designed to mirror the material covered in a student’s home school and is consistent with the state educational standards. While at NSA, students earn credits toward their home school’s official transcript and work toward satisfying their home school’s graduation requirements. Students who graduate through NSA receive their official diploma and from their home school.
We strive to strike the balance between implementing rigorous educational programming while also individualizing instruction to meet a student’s specific academic needs. Our ability to make accommodations to meet student needs is essential to help them develop necessary academic skills.  Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technology to assist teachers to develop engaging and challenging lesson plans.


NSA uses a variety of assessment tools to help us measure student progress. In addition to state mandated tests, classroom tests and work production, NSA uses STAR Reading and Math assessments and Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) with all students to effectively focus instruction based on individual student academic needs.