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Elementary School Student Services

Our School

We have a high staff to student ratio that allows us to individualize academic work and to have staff available to support students when they are struggling to problem solve effectively. Our classrooms teams typically have 8-12 students, a teacher, and 1-2 teaching assistants. Our elementary school has five classrooms, each supporting different age groups. The academic school day at North Shore Academy Elementary runs from 8:50 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. on all days except Wednesday, when there is a late start of 9:50 a.m., but the dismissal is still 3:20 p.m.

Family Support

There are times when managing the complexities of parenting can be overwhelming. We have developed a variety of resources to allow us to develop partnerships with parents that try to accommodate your busy schedule as well as your family’s unique needs. We provide a wide range of support including informal problem solving over the phone, parent support groups, parent education groups and weekly family therapy meetings offered in person or virtually with the student’s therapist.

Mentor Program

North Shore Academy Elementary offers a mentor program for those students who are interested. The Mentor Program provides these students with an opportunity to spend quality time with a caring and supportive adult. Mentors plan weekly activities that encourage students to accept challenges, identify and develop strengths, as well as pursue meaningful relationships. Mentoring helps students gain skills and confidence to be responsible for their future. To receive more information regarding our mentor program feel free to contact Marco Camacho or Kyle Thompson.

Lunch Program

Students can bring lunch from home, or sign up each semester for our hot lunch program. The program costs $5 per day and a fee waiver is available for families that qualify. Click here for a Sample Lunch Menu.

Transportation Services

Students from North Shore Academy Elementary are provided transportation to and from school by a number of different transportation companies. North Shore Academy Elementary works with home school districts to decide the best transportation options for each of our students. Once enrolled at North Shore Academy Elementary, each family will receive specific transportation information.

Transition Services

The goal of North Shore Academy Elementary is to prepare students to return to their home district schools. The process of transition generally begins as a student attains Level 4 or Level 5 status based upon the Level System. The student, parents, home district, and North Shore Academy Elementary staff collaboratively discuss the student’s ability to identify, access, and implement strategies when intense emotions arise. A tour is scheduled to show the family the school the student is bridging too as well as meet the new teacher. The team then creates a schedule to slowly transition the student to the less restrictive environment through small increments of time. After four-six weeks, the team reconvenes to discuss if the time at the home school should be extended. This process repeats until the student is spending a full day at the home school.