TrueNorth Leadership Council

  • TrueNorth's Leadership Council includes an elected member from each district, who also serves on their district's board of directors. In addition, three Member District Superintendents serve on the Leadership Council. In this way, TrueNorth ensures that every Member District is represented, with a total of 21 members on the council.

  • TrueNorth Leadership Council

    Front Row, Left to Right: Bruce Doughty, Glenbrook High Schools District 225, Dr. Lisa Leali, Lake Bluff Elementary School District 65, Lisa Hirsh, North Shore School District 112, Suzanne Sands, Lake Forest Elementary School District 67, Mara Silver-Schack, Northbrook District 28, Natalie Jachtorowycz, Glenview School District 34, Melissa Copeland, Northbrook School District 27

    Back Row, Left to Right: Dr. Kurt A. Schneider, Superintendent, TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804, Allison Bowman, Bannockburn School District 106, Maxie Clarke, The Winnetka Public Schools District 36, Adelbert Spaan, Sunset Ridge School District 29, Kelly Jakymiw, Deerfield Public Schools District 109, Nancy Artz, Northbrook/Glenview School District 30, Dev Mukherjee, Glencoe District 35

    Not Pictured: Dr. Allison Slade, West Northfield School District 31, Dr. Lisa Metzger-Mugg, Kenilworth School District No. 38, Mark Barry, Lake Bluff Elementary School District 65, Jodi Shapira, Township High School District 113, Dr. John Venson, Lake Forest Community High School District 115, Keith Dronen, New Trier Township High School District 203, Dr. Trisha Kocanda, The Winnetka Public Schools District 36, and Dr. Dane Delli, Glenview School District 34

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

    The Illinois Freedom of Information Act is also known as FOIA. Under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140), records in possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request. Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140, Section 2(c), a public record is any records, reports, forms writings, letters, memoranda, books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, electronic data processing records, recorded information and all other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared, or having been or being used, received, possessed, or under the control of any public body. Records that are not subject to release via the FOIA process include confidential and trade secret information. 

    How do I submit a FOIA request?

    Requests must be submitted in writing (there is no required form to use). The request should include a brief description of the public records being sought, being as specific as possible. While FOIA requests can be received via email please provide a mailing address.

    Submit FOIA requests to:

    Andy Piper
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804
    760 Red Oak Lane
    Highland Park, IL 60035

    The Illinois Freedom of Information Act requires agencies to respond within five working days of a receipt of a request. A five-day extension is allowed with written notification to the requester. If the FOIA request is for commercial purposes the agency has 21 working days to respond.

    If the requested records are 50 pages or fewer in length, the pages will be copied and mailed to the requestor at no charge. The requester will be charged $.15 page for each additional page over 50.