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Strategic Plan

Our Journey to Discovery

A strategic planning process is one of discovery, when key stakeholders engage in learning, discussion and critical thinking. Reflection and the development of new practices is necessary for the growth of any healthy organization. The process challenges current beliefs and leads to new ways of viewing an organization and its work. Our intent is to build upon our previous plan’s successes and expand learning opportunities beyond those we have traditionally served, while ensuring resources are aligned across the region. 

We advocate for all learners to receive access to effective grade level instruction in age-appropriate general education classrooms in our neighborhood schools and preschool environments. This includes learners who need specially designed instruction, supplementary aids and support services. 

The heart of this work is providing a general education environment that welcomes all learners, and where effective instructional methodologies produce equitable outcomes for all learners. Consistent investment in adult learning is essential for transformational systemic reform. 

All learners are general education students and as adults, we all share equal responsibility for their success.

Purpose of a Cooperative

The purpose of a cooperative is to share resources to ensure all learners receive an equitable education. Flexibly working with each member district ensures maximum use of the cooperative, increases achievement throughout the region, and enriches diversity so all learners better understand the world, those around them, and themselves.

Through partnership and innovation, we will continue to be an organization that is forward thinking given our conscious awareness of achievement and opportunity gaps across all student groups. We must raise learning expectations, actively advocate, enhance our communications, and equitably fund resources in order to prepare students and families to successfully lead enviable lives.

Explore the Strategic Plan

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Our Mission

Committed to the possibilities in every learner, every day.


Our Vision

TrueNorth is a national leader and highly valued partner with a courageous commitment to inclusive communities that equally value all people and inspire them to be active participants in our world.


We Value

  • Collaborative relationships grounded in mutual trust and candor.
  • Inclusive learning environments that are proactive, flexible and empowering.
  • Leading transformational change and innovation driven by research, data and legal imperatives.
  • Collective responsibility and advocacy for elimination of barriers and meaningful opportunities for all learners.
  • Sharing resources and knowledge to maximize learning.