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Red Oak Campus Renovation Phase 1

Project Overview

In November 2022, the Leadership Council approved renovations to the Red Oak campus to support several student needs going into the 2023-24 school year. As part of this renovation, North Shore Academy Elementary will move from its current space in Northbrook to the Rubloff Building on campus. Additionally, the south end of the District Services Center will be renovated to develop four instructional spaces along with other improvements. 

Construction will begin in the District Center in May and at the Rubloff building at the beginning of June. Both sites will be completed in August with students and staff starting in their new locations at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year.

Facility Oversight Committee: Phase One

  • Alyssa Hughes, CFO, TrueNorth
  • Jonathan Guerrero, Head of Buildings and Grounds, TrueNorth
  • Jen Cooper Wells, Principal, TrueNorth
  • Ricky Cutler, Dean, TrueNorth
  • Sabrina Beaudry, Principal, TrueNorth
  • Lynn Clarke, Director of Instruction, TrueNorth
  • Beckie Donaldson, Administrative Assistant, TrueNorth
  • Nancy McNamara, Physical Therapist, TrueNorth
  • Leslie Reynolds, Transportation Coordinator, TrueNorth
  • Alex Tenorio, Network Manager, TrueNorth
  • Carole Pugh, Architect, GreenAssociates
  • Alan Crovetti, Architect, GreenAssociates
  • Dave Torres, Construction Manager, Nicholas & Associates
  • Kate Donegan, Superintendent, District 38
  • Ray Lechner, Consultant



Alyssa Hughes
Chief Financial Officer

Building Plans

District Services Center

Rubloff Building

Project Partners


Facilities News