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Be@the Farm

Be@the Farm is a partnership between TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804 and Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, Illinois.

Working together, we provide opportunities for students accessing TrueNorth services throughout  local school member districts , to learn about agriculture outside of the school setting.

We hope that this hands-on educational experience   may provide students the encouragement and skills to pursue careers in agriculture or the hundreds of careers related to food production.

Our Student Farmers

Student farmers come to the farm for hands-on learning experiences. We welcome a wide variety of learners. Some are as young as five years old while others are students who are 22 years old and transitioning from school into their adult lives.

The Greenhouse

Each year, we begin our planting season in the 600 square foot greenhouse at Wagner Farm. We plant a large variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs, and harvest produce all summer long.

Outdoor Plots

We farm a 12,000 square foot outdoor plot on the Wagner Farm property. Our students begin planting in mid May from seedlings started in the greenhouse. We harvest vegetables from the outdoor plot from June to October.


In cooperation with Wagner Farm, TrueNorth runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Student farmers plan, plant, care for, harvest 2.5 acres of produce for the CSA, farm to table foods, and farmstand sales. For more information click here.