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Superintendent & Cabinet

Kurt A. Schneider, Ph.D.
(847) 831-5100 x2279

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Alyssa Hughes
Chief Financial Officer
(847) 831-5100 x2240

Mary Morgan Ryan
Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Communication, and Data Services
(847) 831-5100 x2348

Dr. Ninni

Kristen Ninni, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Innovation
(847) 831-5100 x2210

Andy Piper
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(847) 831-5100 x2234

Department Administrators


Lynn Clarke
Director of Instruction
(847) 831-5100 x2128

Lindsay Kiraly
Director of Professional Learning and Coaching
(847) 831-5100 x2415

Carol Michels, Ed.D.
Director of District Services
(847) 831-5100 x2254

Alan Wahlert, Ed.D
Director of Learning and Innovation
847-831-5100 x2110


Kendra Wallace
North Shore Academy and Arbor Academy
(847) 831-0603 x1100

Jennifer Wells, Ph.D.
North Shore Academy Elementary
(847) 831-5100 x3150

Assistant Principals and Learning Coordinators

Kristyn Bair
Assistant Principal
North Shore Academy High School
847-831-5100 x5209

Sabrina Beaudry
Learning Coordinator
SLE / Transition
847-831-5100 x3448

Allison Berman
Assistant Principal
North Shore Academy High School
847-831-5100 x1204

Katie Trier
Learning Coordinator
Vocation / Transition
847-831-5100 x4322

Stacy Wood
Learning Coordinator
SLE / Early Childhood
847-831-5100 x2119