Transition Services & Programming

  • In Illinois, students with disabilities are eligible for services through the end of the school year in which they turn 22 (HB0040). Some students who receive services in high school may be ready to take their diploma after 12th grade. However, there may be some students who require continued services and/or specialized programming to meet their Transition Outcomes. 

    Transition services and programming are guided by the outcomes and activities listed in a student's Transition Plan in their IEP (click here to get more information about Transition Plans and transition planning). 

    What's the difference between Transition Services & Transition Programming? 

    ***Accessing Transition Services or Programs is a placement decision, and therefore requires team consensus at an IEP meeting. Please speak with your case manager or district representative about the specific options available to you or your student. The below chart is included solely to share general information and comparisons related to options, in order for students and their teams to be informed about potential continued education post-grade 12.