Social & Recreation

  • Socialization and independence are two skills that are most enhanced by participation in recreational and leisure activities. Special needs recreational programs are generally designed with a close staff-to-participant ratio. Program adaptations may be made for any physical challenge. Forming a group of individuals with like interests provides a less structured way of participating in recreational and leisure activities. Suggestions include: book club, going to the movies, bowling, learning a new hobby, going to a ballgame, and eating out at different restaurants. 

    Questions to consider when exploring options: 

    • What is the target age group?
    • What is the targeted population, and level of disability?
    • Does the program offer transportation?
    • Does the program offer integration programs?
    • What are the fees? What do they cover? Is financial assistance available?
    • How much support is provided?
    • Typically, how many participants attend events?
    • What times of the day/year are programs offered?
    • Are there residential boundaries for participants?
    • Are there emails, newsletters, or bulletins regarding upcoming events?
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