Day Programming

  • Individuals may choose to participate in day programming after graduation from school services. Day programs provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity to participate and develop skills in the areas of vocation, independent living, community access, recreation/leisure, communication, and much more. There are a wide variety of programs offered throughout the North Shore.

    It is suggested to visit as many programs as possible to gain an understanding of what each program has to offer.

    Center-Based Programs

    These programs typically provide programming within a facility. Community outings and vocational opportunities are limited. Participants may spend the majority of the day in a classroom-like setting learning various independent and daily living skills. Some of these programs may provide vocational training and/or employment services.

    Community-Based Programs 

    Participants are typically in the community, engaged in a variety of activities or volunteering, on a daily basis. Participants will start and end their day in one centralized location, but then daily and weekly activities are varied, usually based on participant interest and choice. Some of these programs may provide vocational training and/or employment services. 

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Questions to Consider When Touring Day Programs

  • Activities

  • The Facility

  • Staff

  • Medical/Health

  • Behavior

  • Activities of Daily Living

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