Vocational Assessments | Junior High and High School

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    TrueNorth will support the school team to engage in a comprehensive vocational evaluation for identified students. This assessment will be customized for each student and can answer questions such as: 

    • What interests, preferences or vocational aptitudes might the student have? 
    • What experiences, strengths and challenges does the student have within a vocational setting?
    • What problem solving skills and level of independence does the student have in a novel vocational setting? 
    • What skills might the student continue to develop in order to succeed in future vocational experiences? 


    Each student’s transition plan should include goals and data in the following areas:

    • employment
    • education and/or training
    • independent living

    Vocational assessment data can be used to inform future planning in the area of employment. This data can be used for both short term and long term goal setting, transition planning, and determining what supports a student may need within a vocational setting. In addition, with exposure to a variety of vocational settings, this data can support the student and team to develop career goals, pursue potential employment types or work environments that work best for them. 


    Upon completion of an intake process and questions targeted, TrueNorth in collaboration with the students case manager will determine which type of assessment setting and types best answer these questions the team has and the student will engage in this process as long as necessary to answer relevant questions and support the team/student with next steps.

    Student intake and interview steps

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