Announcing TrueNorth 804


    What is the cooperative’s new name?
    On July 1, 2021, the cooperative’s name changed to TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804.

    Are programs and services closing?
    No. We remain the same organization with the same services and programs.  However, like all organizations, we too will change and believe it positions us for growth in the years ahead as students, member district needs, and the educational field evolves.  

    Why is this happening?
    Our new name more accurately reflects our updated mission and vision statements.  As federal law requires, and evidence-based research supports, students with disabilities should be educated with their nondisabled peers to the greatest extent appropriate, and the systems that support them should be integrated and comprehensive. Updating our name allows us to market to wider audiences across the region and expands the organization for long-term success, while making inclusion a moral imperative for all of us.   

    Why was this name chosen?
    The name TrueNorth Educational Cooperative 804 is grounded in values of justice, inclusion and equity. 

    • “True” reflects that we are committed to our values
    • “North” reflects:
      • the organization’s legacy and current program and service names, 
      • our location of the northern suburbs, and 
      • references each learner’s individual journey
    • “Educational Cooperative” differentiates us from a typical school district and more accurately reflects our unique 18 member district composition
    • 804 is our official district number from the State of Illinois

    I have more questions, what should I do?
    Please contact your service or program administrator, or email