• Transition Parent Resource Manual

    1- Transition Overview & Timeline 
    An overview of transition planning as well as a timeline for parents of children with a disability. Included is a list of suggested transition activities starting in elementary school and going through transition/age 18+.  

    2 - PUNS
    Information on Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) and Community Alternatives Unlimited (CAU).  

    3 - Respite Resources
    Information about respite care as well as a variety of respite care resources.  

    4 - Recreation Programs & Summer Camps
    Information on recreational programs, leisure activities, Special Olympics, social opportunities, and summer camps. It also includes a list of questions to consider when selecting an opportunity.  

    5 - Rehabilitation Services and Vocational
    Information on Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Department of Human Services (DHS), Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP), vocational support services & resources, and job coaching support & resources.  

    6 - Training & Education 
    Information on training and educational opportunities for transition age (18+ years) individuals. This section also includes resources to programs and questions to consider when searching for a post-secondary training or educational opportunity. 

    7 - Financial Assistance Resources including SSI, SSDI, WIPA
    Information on financial assistance, working while disabled, and how earnings impact social security benefits. It also contains a social security resource list including information on Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). 

    8 - Medical, Medicaid & Medicare Information
    Information on medical insurance coverage, insurance resources, Medicaid & Medicare, and health benefits for workers with disabilities.  

    9 - Legal Information
    Information on guardianship, Power of Attorney, wills & trusts, and state ID cards. It also contains resources for legal and financial planning.  

    10 - Day Program Services, Questions to Consider, Agency List 
    Outline of the different types of day programs, questions to consider when visiting a day program, and a list of North Shore agencies.  

    11- Residential Services & Housing Options
    Information about the different types of residential services as well as questions to consider when interviewing residential housing options.  

    12 - Transportation Services
    Information on transportation services as well as transportation that can be obtained through township programs.  

    13 - Mental Health Resources
    A list of mental health resources that target crisis intervention, prevention, and ongoing treatment for individuals and families. 

    14 - Family Support
    Resources available to families of individuals with a disability. 

    15 - Behavioral Supports
    A list of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) clinics and in-home therapy providers. It also includes questions to consider when interviewing a provider. 

    16 - Build A Day/Future Planning
    Questions to consider when planning for your child’s future and what their day may be like after age 21.  

    17 - Apps
    A list of free and paid apps for tweens, teens, and young adults that supports independence.  

    18 - Acronyms, Definitions, Abbreviations
    Common abbreviations and acronyms for words and phrases commonly used in special education. This section also contains information from the Illinois Department of Human Services.