Services After High School

  • It is important for students and their families to know that when students receive their high school diploma, all special education services end. Many services that may have been provided through the school (casemanagement, counseling, job training and placement, tutoring, etc.) are no longer available through the school.There are a number of services available for young adults who have accepted their diplomas, if they are found eligible.

    These services are typically referred to as “Adult Services”. Many of these services, like SSI and mental health treatment and job training and placement require assessments and/or applications and young adults must qualify in order to receive services. Having had an IEP is not a an automatic qualification for any adult service. It is recommended that all students and families at North Shore Academy begin to prepare for life after high school as early as possible.

    The transition from school to adult life can be a difficult time for families even when there is adequate preparation. With careful planning and preparation the transition can be more manageable and ultimately less stressful. NSA therapists, teachers and the transition department are available to suport students and their families with this process.