MIDAS Education and TrueNorth Professional Learning

  • Professional Learning and MIDAS

    The Professional Learning Department is utilizing the MIDAS Education registration platform and database to help you organize your professional learning history. With MIDAS, you can now register for a course, be kept in on ongoing communication about the session as well as keep a historical record of the learning and professional credit you have completed. As this platform is evolving so is the Professional Learning Department. We are offering new learning opportunities every month, check out the Professional Learning Opportunities section to see upcoming courses!

  • What is MIDAS Education?

    MIDAS Education is a company that provides enterprise software for school districts. It helps solve the challenge of getting disparate data systems to work together to best serve students and teachers. MIDAS’s solution is housed in one database that serves many needs: student information, staff timesheets, learning management, assessment, facilities management, teacher evaluation, and more. The Midas Data Explorer tool lets users work with data flexibly and intuitively, eliminating the need for custom queries and reports. Midas simplified education workflows so teachers can focus on what they do best - teach.

    Why would TrueNorth use MIDAS?

    Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year, an internal user group of administrators and users of our student information system determined that our current SIS is not meeting our needs. About the same time, we were introduced to MIDAS Education, a platform that includes SIS capability as well as many other functions. Though the product has been in development for many years, MIDAS Education is a relatively new company and looking to establish a presence in Illinois. MIDAS Education is willing to offer NSSED an opportunity to purchase and support the platform for a price that will not rise above what we currently pay for our SIS and data analytics tool. TrueNorth benefits by solving two persistent problems:

    1. Widespread access to data needed to make instructional and strategic decisions by individual users, and
    2. the need for a student information system that integrates with our billing system.

    For their part, MIDAS Education benefits from a presence in Illinois and exposure to our member districts.

    What are the benefits?

    The Data Explorer tool will allow users to independently access data, without special training and, or the most part, without requesting customized reports. This eliminates need to have different products or different teams within one company talk to each other to solve our issue.