Professional Learning Innovation Team

  • The TrueNorth Professional Learning Innovation Team is hard at work! Their goal is to create a student centered cooperative-wide professional learning system.

    This fall the team is developing a shared definition of professional Learning as well as vision and beliefs statements.  We have adopted the standards for professional learning that were developed by Learning Forward, the professional organization devoted to educator professional development. The team will use this important foundational work to build a professional learning system by June of 2020.  

    Thank you to these dedicated team members from across the cooperative:

    • Amy Holaday, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, District 35
    • Chimille Dillard, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, District 203
    • Denise Matthews, Director of Student Services, Equity, and Inclusion, District 36
    • Jenny Sterpin, Director of Special Education, District 115
    • Jeff McHugh, Director of Teaching and Learning, District 67
    • Becky Mathison, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, District 31
    • Amy Cohan, District Services Coach, TrueNorth
    • Kristen Ninni, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Design and Innovation, TrueNorth
    • Lindsay Kiraly, Director of Professional Learning and Coaching, TrueNorth
    • Carol Michels, Director of District Services, TrueNorth
    • Lauren Randazzo, ELS/SLE, TrueNorth
    • Sharon Sheehan, Math Teacher/Instructional Coach, District 225
    • Sami Fahey, Instructional Coach, TrueNorth
    • Tracy Roehrick, Assistant Principal Lake Bluff Elementary School, District 65
    • Lauren Schulman, Director of Student Services, District 30
    • Rachel Pollera, Special Education Teacher, District 30
    • Ivy Sukenik, Principal Sunset Ridge School, District 29
    • Amy Zima, Early Childhood, TrueNorth
    • Tracy Hellner, Parent Facilitator, TrueNorth
    • Vanessa Reakes, Instructional Coach, North Shore District 112
    • Lisa Rand, Teaching Assistant, TrueNorth
    • Erin Karson, Professional Learning Specialist, TrueNorth