• The TrueNorth Vision Program is an itinerant service designed to meet the needs of students with diagnosed visual impairments. The goal of our program is to provide students with the appropriate skills and tools to become independent individuals, confident of their abilities to meet their potential and to succeed in a sighted world.  Services are provided for students whose visual impairment impacts their educational progress and interferes with their ability to access printed information within the school environment. Their visual functioning can range from low vision to total blindness.

    vision Upon inquiry from a member district, an observation is performed within the school by a licensed teacher of students with visual impairments (TSVI). If warranted by visual needs, a domain meeting is conducted through the member district for a functional vision assessment, which takes place within the school building by the TSVI. Following the assessment, goals are then developed to reflect the assessed needs of each student in areas of core curricula impacted by vision loss. Instruction in expanded core curricula specific to the vision loss is also implemented.  These may include the following areas: compensatory academic skills, including communication modes; use of assistive technology; orientation and mobility instruction; visual efficiency skills; social interaction skills, college/career education; and independent living skills. This education is delivered within the student’s school of attendance and provided by a licensed teacher of students with visual impairments (TSVI) and a licensed orientation and mobility specialist (O&M).

    For information, please contact:

    hershman Naomi HershmanVision Coordinator
    TrueNorth 804
    760 Red Oak Lane
    Highland Park, IL  60035
    847-831-5100 x2353