Health Services

  • TrueNorth school health services are committed to supporting students, families, staff and member districts in their efforts and activities to promote health, safety and wellness. It is our vision to implement programs to maintain and encourage health, safety and wellness from birth to adulthood by:

    1. Forming collaborative partnerships with families, member school districts and staff to ensure a safe and healthy classroom environment.
    2. Working within the transdisciplinary model to improve health, safety and wellness to students, families and staff.
    3. Educating families, member school districts and staff on current health, safety and wellness topics specific to our student populations and to the public at large.
Team TrueNorth

    For information, please contact:

    Graphic with the words Proud Member of an Awesome Nursing Team.
    Kasi Valtos  PEL-CSN, BSN, RN 
    Lead Nurse
    TrueNorth 804
    760 Red Oak Lane
    Highland Park, IL  60035
    847-831-5100 ext. 4100