Coaching & Consultation

  • The goal of coaching and consultation services is to improve outcomes for ALL students by helping educators build and sustain best practices in instruction, assessment, and teaming. Through collaboration, consultation, professional development, and technical assistance, TrueNorth's coaches provide the link from research to practice. In the words of Jim Knight, “We see a coach as a thinking partner for teachers, and coaching as a meeting of the minds.”

    TrueNorth's coaches are individuals who have specialized knowledge in research-based practices and innovative programs and strategies. Our team members have years of experience working in districts in the northern suburbs of Chicago and have been successful in supporting schools to improve student outcomes. When accessing TrueNorth's Coaching and Consultation services, you can expect that a specially trained staff member will work with you to:

    1. Identify needs
    2. Set Goals
    3. Implement a Plan of Action
    4. Evaluate Outcomes 

    Coaching and consultation can target needs at the individual student, classroom, school, or district-levels. Our coaches approach each collaboration and consultation as a partnership. When coaches and staff interact together equally and as partners, the outcomes are maximized. These services are designed to support and compliment the instruction and services that students are receiving in their home schools and communities. The ultimate goal is to increase the capacity of the educators that are receiving the coaching to meet the academic and behavioral needs and improve the outcomes of ALL students.

    For information, please contact:

    kiraly Lindsay Kiraly
    Director of Professional Learning and Coaching
    TrueNorth 804
    760 Red Oak Lane
    Highland Park, IL  60035
    847-831-5100 x2415